‘YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE’ author Jonathan Ames finds creative symbiosis with Lynne Ramsay & Joaquin Phoenix

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Courtney Howard // Film Critic Multi-hyphanate Jonathan Ames has been a storyteller all his life, whether that be as an actor, having acted in television (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, DRUNK HISTORY) and films (THE GIRL UNDER THE WAVES, THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD), or creating critically-acclaimed shows like BLUNT TALK and BORED TO DEATH. Somewhere in between, he’s found other stories of his own to write, filling the pages of nine books, to be exact. But it’s one ...


‘ROOM’ Author/Screenwriter Emma Donoghue On The Role Of A Mother, Love of Literature

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Preston Barta // Editor Imagine if the only world you knew was in a 16x16 room where light only shined in from a window above and your only source of entertainment was conversations with your mother and a television set. How does one keep their sanity? How do we live in a place where the walls feel like they're closing in by the second? These are the questions posed in Emma Donoghue's ROOM. This may sound like heavy subject matter to dive into - it is - and ...


Review: The Book Inspiration for ‘THE WALK’

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Director Robert Zemeckis (FLIGHT) believes in suspending the audience. In his 2012 film FLIGHT the opening scenes introduced an alcoholic pilot who miraculously saved a plane full of people from dying in a fiery crash, despite having downed a coke and vodka cocktail. In his latest film THE WALK the daredevil director partners with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to bring to life the true story of Philippe Petit, an insane thrill-seeker who decided no idea was better than ...