Filmmaker Xavier Legrand builds upon solid groundwork with ‘CUSTODY’

Courtney Howard // Film Critic There are very few short films that stick with audiences years later. To craft a genuinely indelible, thrilling tale in such a short timeframe of less than 30 minutes – one that firmly grabs the attention of its viewer – is a true feat. Writer-director Xavier Legrand’s JUST BEFORE LOSING EVERYTHING did just that. Now, Legrand continues the same story set up in that Academy Award®-nominated short film with CUSTODY ...


Lost ‘DUDES’ found at Oak Cliff Film Fest: An interview with director Penelope Spheeris

Preston Barta // Features Editor There’s a scene in 1985’s BACK TO THE FUTURE where Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) plays a heavy-metal guitar riff for the people of the ’50s. They don’t exactly appreciate it. “Guess you’re not ready for that yet,” Marty sheepishly apologizes. Then he adds: “But your kids are going to love it.” Every once in a while, there’s something so ahead of the cultural curve that it’s misunderstood. It can take ...


‘HEREDITARY’ director and cast craft a terrifying family drama birthed in hell

June 7th, 2018 | Film Festivals, Interviews, Movie Interview, SXSW | 0 Comment

Preston Barta // Features Editor Of the three features I saw one sleepy midnight in March at the South by Southwest film festival, A24’s HEREDITARY kept me the most awake — so much so that I didn’t really sleep at all that night. It’s a slow-burn horror film of the third degree. And it deserves a place in your nightmares (as morbid as that sounds). Ari Aster makes his feature debut with HEREDITARY, and he enters the horror genre like a seasoned ...