[Fantastic Fest INTERVIEW] Co-writer/star Joe Azzopardi rides a tidal wave of tension in ‘THE BOAT’

September 26th, 2018 | Fantastic Fest, Film Festivals, Interviews, Movie Interview | 0 Comment

Preston Barta // Features Editor AUSTIN - Trapped-at-sea movies have been done before, and quite well. But none have quite tapped into the fear of the sea while also throwing in a curve ball of its own: a horror twist. THE BOAT is a simple story that centers on a sailor (Joe Azzopardi, who also co-wrote the film with his father, director Winston Azzopardi) who goes out on the water for a morning fish and comes across a seemingly abandoned vessel in the ...


[INTERVIEW+Trailer] Allison Williams and director Richard Shepard’s film ‘THE PERFECTION’ will play you like a cello

Preston Barta // Features Editor AUSTIN – One of the most difficult interviews I’ve ever had to do was for THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. If you ever seen the film, you know how wrapped up in secrecy it is. You can spoil the fun of it so quick, because the twists happen so early on and it only gets more twisted as the story goes on. Richard Shepard’s latest stroke of genius, THE PERFECTION, faces the same issue. It’s safe to know that the film is a teeth-grinding ...


Fantastic Fest Review: ‘DESTROYER’ a flatliner of a thriller with an unrecognizable Nicole Kidman at the center

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Note: This film review was written after DESTROYER premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. James Cole Clay // Film Critic DESTROYER Not rated, 123 minutes. Director: Karyn Kusama Cast: Nicole Kidman, Sebastian Stan, Tobie Kebbel, Jade Pettyjohn and Scoot McNairy The talk leading up to director Karyn Kusama’s crime saga DESTROYER has been revolving around Nicole Kidman's transformative leading performance. Independent cinema aficionados, ...