Patricia Velasquez took spooky methods to understand her character in ‘THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA’

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Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. Preston Barta // Features Editor Opening in theaters this weekend is THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA, the latest addition to the CONJURING universe. It revolves around the family of a social worker and widow named Anna Garcia (Linda Cardellini). Anna is called to look into one of her cases and later suspects foul play after finding that the mother, Patricia (Patricia Velasquez of THE MUMMY franchise), has been locking her two young ...


Not all heroines wear capes: ‘FAST COLOR’ paints motherhood as superpower

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Courtesy of Lionsgate. Preston Barta // Features Editor Memorable sci-fi doesn’t always require exploding spaceships or superheroes duking it out with some six-eyed alien overlord. Some films use creative storytelling and complex characters to build immersive alternate realities. Although the new sci-fi drama FAST COLOR involves beautifully rendered visuals and supernatural elements akin to an X-MEN movie, it’s an intimate portrait of three ...


[INTERVIEW] There was a haunting on the set of ‘THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA’

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Raymond Cruz and Linda Cardellini star in THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA. Courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures. Courtney Howard // Film Critic Whenever there’s a horror movie shot, there’s typically always a spooky tale that accompanies it – particularly in the case of the films from THE CONJURING universe. From the allegedly haunted soundstages (yes, plural!) on the Warner Brothers lot, to the goosebump-inducing occurrences from on location, these films all ...