Oakes Fegley and Jaden Michael on the magic of WONDERSTRUCK

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Courtney Howard // Film Critic It’s about finding yourself and finding who you are and where you belong. The need to connect and yearning for discovery are the emotions that link the young parallel lives at the core of director Todd Haynes’ WONDERSTRUCK. Almost like the characters they play, two of the film’s young stars are also maturing into their identities. Oakes Fegley (PETE’S DRAGON) and Jaden Michael (THE GET DOWN) are taking this town by ...


‘FLORIDA PROJECT’ depicts youth in wondrous ways [an interview with director Sean Baker and star Bria Vinaite]

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Preston Barta // Features Editor Growing up is hard work; any of our lives can tell us that much. Before we began adulting, or pretending like we have our lives together, we came of age. We made friends, had experiences and started to shape our castles from the grains in the sandbox called life. Perhaps this is why we gravitate toward coming-of-age movies: They often remind us how, while we may come from different walks of life, we are not so different. We ...


Fresh on DVD: ‘STEP’ breaks through documentary structure with story of hope

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Preston Barta // Features Editor STEP Rated PG, 83 minutes. Director: Amanda Lipitz Cast: Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger, Tayla Solomon and Paula Dofat Have you ever watched a movie where you got so wrapped up in the story that, by the end, the characters felt like your own blood and family? It’s pretty common among television series, because we spend so much time with a show’s cast as they journey from one season to the next. But to get those ...