‘POWER RANGERS’ cast morph into colorful characters

March 22nd, 2017 | Interviews, Movie Interview | 0 Comment

by Gwen Reyes This weekend marks the release of POWER RANGERS, the newest superhero reboot promising to capture the hearts of kiddos around the world. The action-packed film reunites the Rangers, a team of misfit teenagers with super abilities. This time around the cast is filled with new faces like RJ Cyler (ME, EARL, AND THE DYING GIRL) and Naomi Scott (TERRA NOVA), with established actors Bryan Cranston (BREAKING BAD) and Elizabeth Banks (PITCH PERFECT), ...


Moments Immortalized – ‘HARRY BENSON: SHOOT FIRST’ captures the heart of photography

March 20th, 2017 | Blu-ray Review, Interviews, Movie Interview, Reviews | 0 Comment

Preston Barta // Editor HARRY BENSON: SHOOT FIRST Not rated, 87 minutes. Director: Justin Bare and Matthew Miele Cast: Harry Benson, Alec Baldwin, Gigi Benson, Betty Buckley and James L. Brooks For the Instagram-loving generation — and anyone who loves to take pictures — the arrival of digital photography brought forth innumerable benefits: Images became cost-effective, ready to preview instantly, easier and quicker to share. The list goes ...


Filmmaker Julia Ducournau bites into the humanity of cannibalism in ‘RAW’

by Preston Barta When you look at movies like 2014’s Boyhood or even last year’s Best Picture-winning Moonlight, it’s easy for people to see their lives reflected on screen because of a filmmaker’s specificity. The more detailed a filmmaker is with his or her film, the more you’ll connect, because individuality is what unites us. While Raw marks Julia Ducournau’s feature debut as a writer and director, she shows no signs of being an amateur. Her ...