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Courtney Howard // Film Critic Just like JURASSIC PARK: THE LOST WORLD did before it, JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM seems very interested in showing us how dangerous dinosaurs will arrive on the mainland. The havoc they would reek would be catastrophic - duh. Director J.A. Bayona's sequel to Colin Trevorrow's wildly successful reboot of the JURASSIC PARK franchise looks epic and, well, pretty....dino-mite. Take a ...


Second trailer for ‘TOMB RAIDER’ gives us more to be excited about

January 19th, 2018 | Movie News, Trailers | 0 Comment

Connor Bynum // Film Critic A new trailer for TOMB RAIDER came out this week, and I must say, it is unquestionably an improvement over the initial teaser. With so many film adaptations of video game franchises that have failed time and time again to please audiences and critics alike, there’s always hope that this next attempt will be the one to turn it all around. The first trailer did not have me convinced. However, this new one does show some promise to be ...


‘RED SPARROW’ may be the start of another novel franchise for Jennifer Lawrence

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Courtney Howard // Film Critic Who's ready for a female-fronted espionage thriller that kicks major ass? We are! Last year we saw powerhouse Charlize Theron's ATOMIC BLONDE rake in a solid amount of money (around $52 million domestic on a $30 million budget), and in what feels like a glorious time of riches, we get to see Jennifer Lawrence hopefully pull in the same kind of draw in RED SPARROW. Directed by Francis Lawrence (her HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE/ ...