Year 3 of ‘FARGO’ keeps it chill

April 15th, 2017 | Interviews, TV Interview, TV Review | 0 Comment

Preston Barta // Editor Discussing Season 3 with 'FARGO' creator Noah Hawley and star Ewan McGregor When it comes to new seasons of a celebrated television show, bigger is usually seen as better. Annual network meetings seem likely to be filled with questions of how show runners should up the stakes and outdo concepts from the previous season. However, when it comes to FX’s wildly popular series FARGO (a spiritual continuation of the groundwork laid by Joel ...


Fresh on TV: ‘ARCHER’ – Season 8 premieres tonight on FXX

April 5th, 2017 | Reviews, TV Review | 0 Comment

Connor Bynum // Critic ARCHER - Season 8 (Ep. 1-4) Very few TV animated comedies out there can get away with drastically altering their structure, while maintaining the same cast as well as signature brand of humor. Ever since the show's fifth season, the show runners made a bold move to distance themselves from the ISIS branding as to avoid any connection with the (very) real world terrorist organization. In keeping with this concept, the latest season of ...


Fresh On TV: ‘FEUD’ Masterfully Revives One of Hollywood’s Most Bitter Rivalries

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Andy Begay // Contributing Writer FEUD: BETTE AND JOAN TV-MA Creator:  Ryan Murphy Cast: Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Judy Davis, Jackie Hoffman, Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci and Catherine Zeta-Jones The Resurrection of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford Whether it’s Taylor upsetting Kimye yet again or Mariah Carey vehemently claiming she doesn’t know J-Lo for the thousandth time, longstanding celebrity beef is simply a fact of life in every gilded ...