A New Superhero Emerges in TV DC Universe

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By Candace Havens Is there room for one more superhero show on television? The answer is: Yes. If that show features a single dad and his two teen daughters trying to make their world a better place in BLACK LIGHTNING, premiering Tuesday at 9 p.m. on the CW. High school principle Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) is a hero in his community. In a neighborhood overrun by gangs and drugs, he has created a safe-haven at his charter school. And he’s desperately ...


FX’s ‘TRUST’ brings more pizazz to the story found in ‘ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD’

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Preston Barta // Features Editor As Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel said in the 2007 comedy KNOCKED UP: "VOLCANO, DANTE'S PEAK." -- "WYATT EARP, TOMBSTONE." Similar projects have popped up throughout the history of cinema. Although, in the case of ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD and TRUST, one is a film and the other is television mini-series. Because the true story of the 1973 kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, grandson of billionaire oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, is so ...


Creating a kick-ass series with ‘SWEET/VICIOUS’ creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

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Courtney Howard // Journalist I do think change is possible and I do think change is imminent. It’s just we need that call to arms. It’s not every day that you find a television show as unique, resonant and relevant as SWEET/VICIOUS. The subversive action-comedy brilliantly spotlights social justice issues and skewers societal mores, giving voice to a national uprising in an ingenious, entertaining and resolute way. Created by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, ...