Movie Review: ‘MOWGLI: LEGEND OF THE JUNGLE’ is a gloriously nihilistic reimagining of a literary classic

November 28th, 2018 | Movie News, Movie Review, Reviews | 0 Comment

Courtney Howard // Film Critic MOWGLI: LEGEND OF THE JUNGLE Rated PG-13, 104 minutes Directed by: Andy Serkis Starring: Christian Bale, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rohan Chand, Andy Serkis, Cate Blanchett, Peter Mullan, Naomie Harris, Freida Pinto, Matthew Rhys, Louis Ashbourne Serkis Director Andy Serkis’ long-shelved, studio-swapped cinematic adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s masterpiece The Jungle Book isn’t your grandparents’ version of the tale. ...


Critic’s Notebook: Internal battles within the ‘CREED’ films

November 27th, 2018 | Opinion | 0 Comment

James Cole Clay//Film Critic The ROCKY franchise, as a whole, is a celebration of overcoming insurmountable odds with triumph and braun. But as far as CREED II is concerned, it’s about personal triumph with a dollop of how its titular character, Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), is overcoming his teetering form of toxic masculinity. Truth be told, there are no easy answers for this. Some (rightfully so) find the sport of boxing used as a thematic playground to ...


AFI Fest Review: ‘AMAZING GRACE’ is celebratory, heavenly living history

November 26th, 2018 | AFI Fest, Film Festivals | 0 Comment

Courtney Howard // Film Critic AMAZING GRACE Not Rated, 87 minutes Directed by: Sydney Pollack (uncredited) Starring: Aretha Franklin, Rev. James Cleveland, Alexander Hamilton, The Southern California Community Choir, Rev. C.L. Franklin, Clara Ward, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts They say “good things come to those who wait.” However, no one could’ve predicted audiences would have to wait 46 years to see AMAZING GRACE. The music documentary features ...