Video Interview: Real-life heroes at center of ’12 STRONG’ speak to film’s authenticity

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Preston Barta // Features Editor As I wrote in my review over at the Denton Record-Chronicle, 12 STRONG is a surprisingly profound modern war drama. It follows the true story of the Special Forces operatives that stepped up during an intense time of terror, the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Chris Hemsworth portrays Captain Mitch Nelson, while Michael Shannon is Hal Spencer. Both soldiers' names were changed ...


5 things to know about ‘DEN OF THIEVES’

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Courtney Howard // Film Critic Heist films are a wildly popular genre. The stakes are raised for drama to collide spectacularly with an explosive powder keg lit by action. HEAT, SEXY BEAST, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, THE TOWN are a few of those who’ve raised the bar in terms of how taut and entertaining this subset of cinema can be. Writer-turned-director Christian Gudegast’s DEN OF THIEVES hopes to cement itself alongside others of its ilk. In the film, ...


Fresh on Shout Select: ‘MACON COUNTY LINE’ spins its wheels to a disturbing conclusion

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James Cole Clay // Film Critic MACON COUNTY LINE Rated R, 88 minutes. Director: Richard Compton Cast: Alan Vint, Jesse Vint, Max Baer Jr., Cheryl Waters, Joan Blackman, Geoffrey Lewis, Sam Gilman and Leif Garrett Available today on Blu-ray through Shout! Factory's website. 1974's MACON COUNTY LINE is being released on the esteemed Shout Select series, a place where forgotten gems are finally given their due with a proper home video release. The ...