Everything you wanted to know about Mr. Bubz’s cameo in ‘SOMEONE GREAT’

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DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow in SOMEONE GREAT. Courtesy of Netflix. Courtney Howard // Film Critic Canine superstars are plenty on Instagram. It’s grown into quite the burgeoning side hustle for some pet parents who’ve made their four-legged “fwends” model famous. However, there’s one pup in particular who’s amassed a gigantic following in a short span: @MisterBubz. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm9AALiFJM6/ His posts are a not-so-quiet ...


Movie Review: ‘TEEN SPIRIT’ a pop song that belongs at the bottom of the charts

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James C. Clay // Film Critic TEEN SPIRIT Rated PG-13, 92 minutes.Director: Max MinghellaCast: Elle Fanning, Agnieszka Grochowska and Zlatko Buric TEEN SPIRIT is like bad karaoke. It’s a muted version of the pop star template and it inflicts a visual style that’s a response to the likes of Nicolas Winding Refn’s neon-drenched glam pop aesthetic. Max Minghella, an actor you may know from THE SOCIAL NETWORK, directs a film has no commentary ...


‘80s glory to return at Alamo Drafthouse DFW’s screening of ‘MIAMI CONNECTION’

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Courtesy of Drafthouse Films. Preston Barta // Features Editor RICHARDSON, TEXAS – As a film critic, my job is to unpack the themes, critique the performances, confront the problematic elements, and, at the end of it, decide whether the movie is good or bad. But then there are such movies that exist so beautifully in that gray area between bad and good. They may feature overly dramatic performances, silly dialogue or a story so ridiculous that it must ...