So Let’s Talk About the Comic-Con Trailers for ‘BATMAN V. SUPERMAN’ and ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’


batman_vs_superman_the_ultimate_face_off-852x480Preston Barta // Features Editor

I’m sure many of you, like myself, felt a little uneasy about Zack Snyder tackling a Batman movie, more specifically a Batman versus Superman tale. His 2013 take on the Big Blue Cheese in MAN OF STEEL was only half a good movie in my opinion. With DARK KNIGHT helmer Christopher Nolan in the producer’s chair and Snyder taking the controls, MAN OF STEEL was a clash of Nolan and Snyder’s divergent styles. Neither director’s vision was fully realized. Snyder’s characteristic love of gloriously themed atmosphere is given enough room to show, but not enough to shine, while Nolan’s signature explorations of psyche are never afforded the lines of dialogue required to sink their teeth into an audience. And it didn’t help that the last half hour of MAN OF STEEL was a destruction-athon.

But, and that’s a big but, if you watch the new BATMAN V. SUPERMAN trailer that came out of Comic-Con this past week, you might see how Snyder had much bigger plans that we didn’t even know about. So here we were, trash talking the last half of MAN OF STEEL when Snyder knew what he was doing all along and would later completely make up for it by showing us why Batman is angry with Superman in the first place: for destroying Bruce Wayne’s building (killing everyone inside) with his reckless tactics. Or, maybe, Snyder just thought of this after the fact. Either way, he redeems himself in my book. BATMAN V. SUPERMAN looks incredible, and Ben Affleck is going to kill it as the caped crusader.

In addition to the BATMAN V. SUPERMAN trailer, footage of next year’s SUICIDE SQUAD also leaked, which Warner Bros. has since put out the official trailer. This film has perhaps received most of the trash talk on the Twittersphere, mainly because of Jared Leto’s look as The Joker. It sure divided cinephiles. I was one of the few who actually dug his look, even if it was a little over the head (“Ha-ha” tattoos, etc.). But if you also watch the trailer for SUICIDE SQUAD, you realize you should have never doubted David Ayer and Leto’s approach to The Clown Prince of Crime. This is obviously a very different Joker from what we’ve seen before, stepping away from the realistic, Nolan approach and lining more up with the comics.

But that’s enough for now. See so for yourself in the trailers below. You can color us excited. How about you?


SUICIDE SQUAD – Comic-Con Trailer

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