Who Would Be In Your Fictional ENTOURAGE?


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If you watched the original HBO series ENTOURAGE, you may have often wished you could be a part of Vince’s entourage. They are just the coolest group of guys. I mean, wouldn’t it be fun to ride around in Cadillacs, party with some pretty ladies/dudes and drink some Avion?

But, what if you could create your own entourage? What are some characters from film and/or television that you make up your gang?

Below are my picks, but let us know what four characters (three friends and an Ari Gold character) you would pick.

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My Entourage:

latestBuffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER- You have to have the muscle in the group. I mean, Buffy did die twice and is still kicking, so you don’t have to worry about her not taking a bullet for you. Plus, it helps that Buffy has an engaging personality. So while she can kick some ass, she would also be great to kick it with and have a beer.

Ryan GoslingDriver (Ryan Gosling) from DRIVE- Sometimes you need a friend who will just listen and pass no judgment… but who is also willing to stomp in someone’s skull in an elevator. Well, maybe not that far. Driver would be the Turtle of my entourage. He would protect me and would make sure I get where I need to be on time. However, I just need to make sure wherever I’m at I only take five minutes, because Driver has principles. Maybe we could work something out, though.

Screen shot 2015-06-03 at 5.55.26 AMPeter Quill (Chris Pratt) from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY- This might be because Peter Quill just seem like he would be fun to hang out with. Nothing would ever get boring, as he would find the entertainment in everything by being the entertainment. He would make every situation fun and would always keep the mood light.

Constance-ZimmerQuinn (Constance Zimmer) from UnREAL- Oddly enough, Constance Zimmer plays Dana Gordon in the HBO series and ENTOURAGE film; however, her character in the new series UnREAL is definitely a character you would want to have on your side. She would be the Ari Gold of my entourage. She would be that friend who would do a damn good job of managing my life, while also (always) having my back. She would crush my enemies with her sass and brutal honesty.

Now, who would be in your fictional entourage? Comment below, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

ENTOURAGE opens today.

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