‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’ trailer wows but also annoys


Preston Barta // Features Editor

We’re a decade deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it seems as though our relationship with these movies are a bit on and off. You’ll get excited by one and then feel exhausted by another (even it was decent, like DOCTOR STRANGE and ANT-MAN).

To me, however, these movies work best when they are grounded in reality, or when it has a story with more on its mind than to simply present a plot with good vs. evil (see CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR or THE WINTER SOLDIER). Because, really, how many films have we seen with a giant spaceship falling from the sky? How many times have we’ve seen an alien army take to Earth to battle? How many times have we seen a mean looking baddie shout threatening dialogue like “I’m going to break you” and/or “you will kneel before me?”

On one hand, these movies have been leading up to this moment from the beginning. It was clear there would eventually be the ultimate battle of superheroes, ever since the first AVENGERS film gave us our first glimpse of the villain known as Thanos (a motion-captured performance by Josh Brolin, who will also be the antagonist in DEADPOOL 2). So we’ve been prepared. But aesthetically speaking, I thought AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR would look a little different than what we see in the below trailer.

There are plenty of wows, however, such as seeing Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the company of the Guardians of the Galaxy (Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Co.), Thano’s glorious built-in goatee and Spider-Man’s (Tom Holland) iron spider armor in action. But it also looks like more of the same. At this point in the franchise, I was hoping for a change of setting for our heroes to fight in. Why not set a battle in space or on another planet. (Then again, most of Marvel’s characters come from Earth. Still, throw us a curve ball.) Here’s to hoping that the devil is in the details.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think.

Official Trailer:

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR releases in theaters on May 4.

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