Blu-Ray Give Away: The latest adaptation of Jane Austen’s cheeky romance EMMA.


Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing a Blu-ray combo pack of Autumn De Wilde acclaimed film EMMA. (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital) on Tuesday, May 19th. (Available on Digital Now) Fresh Fiction has a Blu-ray copy to give away. Information on how to get yours is below, along with information on the release


The rules are simple: Email with your name and full mailing address (Note: U.S. addresses only and no PO boxes). Title your email subject: “EMMA. GiveawayWhat is the greatest nugget of wisdom passed along to you by Jane Austen.” Make sure to be creative and descriptive as possible. The giveaway is active now until Friday, May 22nd at noon, central time. Entries that don’t answer the question will not be considered.

EMMA. synopsis from James Clay’s Review: You can find the entire review here.

EMMA. boasts a cast of up-and-coming actors who have been popping up in indies, each on the verge of their breakout role. Led by THE WITCH’s Anya Taylor-Joy (THE WITCH), the 23-year-old actor stars as the titular Emma Woodhouse, an aristocrat with a razor tongue who’s in desperate need of some personal growth. She lives with her father, Mr. Woodhouse (Bill Nighy), a simple widower who’s constantly paranoid about coming down with a cold after he lost his wife on a snowy night.

The father-daughter duo entertains the locals in their quaint town of Hartford, Highbury, where their chief concern in life is who’s courting who. Emma is content with her life and refuses to get married. Instead, she’s preoccupied with playing matchmaker despite having a slight flirtation with gentleman farmer George Knightley (a devastatingly handsome Johnny Flynn), who appears to be more interested in what’s between her ears rather than any social status the Woodhouse name carries. 

Emma starts to play cupid once the naive Harriet Smith (Mia Goth, bringing major energy to this role) comes to town. Together, they experience a blossoming friendship that has Emma taking advantage of the wide-eyed newcomer.

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