Blu-ray Giveaway: ‘HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON’ Trilogy!


Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing a Blu-ray combo pack of the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON TRILOGY (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital) on Tuesday, May 21st. (Available on Digital Now) Fresh Fiction has a Blu-ray copy to give away and a soundtrack to the film! Information on how to get yours is below, along with information on the release


The rules are simple: Email [email protected] with your name and full mailing address (Note: U.S. addresses only and no PO boxes). Title your email subject: “DRAGON Giveaway” In the body of the email, tell us if you can fly your dragon anywhere in the world (real or fictional) where would it be? Bonus points if you name your dragon! Make sure to be creative and descriptive as possible. The giveaway is active now until next Tuesday May 7th at noon, central time.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD synopsis from Preston Barta’s Review: You can find the entire review here:

THE HIDDEN WORLD continues the adventures of Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) and his affectionate alpha dragon Toothless. Hiccup is now the leader of the Viking-occupied Berk following the death of his father (Gerard Butler, who returns in flashbacks), and he’s made it his mission to rescue dragons and resettle them on his small island.

The problem, however, is the island isn’t big enough to accommodate all the dragons, and even if it was, they would still have dragon hunters on their tail trying to slay the notion of dragons and humans living together in harmony. Consequently, Hiccup has to make some tough decisions in order to protect them both.

The first two HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON films focused on Hiccup discovering his role in the world. He, of course, met his mystical Night Fury dragon. They bonded and became best friends, learning the value of togetherness as they grew up in the process. Now that they have grown up, they are beginning to recognize that their goals have changed. Taking a page out of TOY STORY 3 and (most recently) RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET this chapter is about learning to let go and accept change — a notion that is so important to learn as we all grow up. The fact that a film aimed largely at children approaches this with such grace is truly astonishing.


BONUS FEATURES ON 4K Ultra Hd, BLU-RAYTM, DVD and digital:

  • Alternate Opening with Intro by Writer/Director Dean DeBlois
  • DreamWorks Shorts:
    • Bilby – Directed by Liron Topaz, Pierre Perifel and JP Sans; produced by Jeff Hermann and Kelly Cooney Cilella. Threatened daily by the deadly residents and harsh environment of Australia’s Outback, a lonesome Bilby finds himself an unwitting protector, and unexpected friend, to a helpless (and quite adorable) baby bird.  
    • Bird Karma – Directed by William Salazar and produced by Jeff Hermann, the beautifully artistic 2D short film Bird Karma tells a delightfully lyrical and fully unexpected tale of a long-legged bird’s journey of blissful joy, inescapable greed and the accidental discovery of the consequences when too much is not enough.
  • Deleted Scenes with Intros by Writer/Director Dean DeBlois
  • How to Voice Your Viking – Go behind the scenes with the cast as they record the Viking voices of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD.
  • Creating an Epic Dragon Tale – Discover what filmmakers learned while crafting this epic dragon trilogy.
  • How I Learned from Dragons – The diverse cast of characters reveal why they think the dragon trilogy is so special.
  • Brave Wilderness Presents: Nature + Dragons = Awesome – Join Coyote Peterson, host of Brave Wilderness, as he explores what it takes to make the dragon’s characters come to life.
  • The Dragon Sheep Chronicles – Protecting sheep from the dragons of Berk is no easy task but Hiccup has a plan.
  • A Deck of Dragons – Observe four new dragons as Fishlegs unveils his original deck of dragon trading cards.
  • Growing Up with Dragons – After years of being with these characters, hear the lasting effects of the dragon trilogy from the filmmaker’s perspective.
  • The Evolving Character Design of Dragons – Cast and crew reveal what it was like to evolve not only the characters of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD, but themselves as well.
  • Drawing Dragons – Get a glimpse of what goes in to designing a DreamWorks dragon.
  • Epic Villain – A different kind of villain, Grimmel brings great challenges to the village of Berk. Go behind the scenes as filmmakers breakdown this epic character.
  • Astrid’s Whole Dragon Trilogy in 60 Seconds – Hold on tight as Astrid sums up the whole dragon trilogy in a legendary 60 seconds.
  • Welcome to New Berk – With Hiccup as your guide, get a firsthand look at the updated Viking village of New Berk.
  • Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Dean DeBlois, Producer Bradford Lewis and Head of Character Animation Simon Otto

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