Charlize Theron sports some killer footwear in ‘ATOMIC BLONDE’


Charlize Theron in ATOMIC BLONDE. Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Courtney Howard // Film Critic

One thing was made clear by those who saw ATOMIC BLONDE last month at SXSW: the fight choreography is unreal (by way of being totally real). What seems to have gone slightly under the radar is all of Charlize Theron’s absolutely lustworthy, kick-ass footwear – as highlighted like glorious shoe porn in the new trailer below. This should serve as a ringing endorsement for the comfort of these specific shoes. “So comfortable, you can look formidable and powerful while fending off a pack of burly male spies who want to kill you!”

Before Universal gets hip to it and gives us the featurette we deserve, let’s screengrab those spectacular #ShoesOfAtomicBlonde , shall we?!

In addition to the covetable thigh high boots Theron sports, these Christian Dior patent leather babies caught my eye.

Red patent Christian Dior pumps.

There’s also these badass booties…

…and these fairly demure nighttime heels.

Listen, Theron could bust some ass in a pair of Keds if need be, but the fact she does it all in stride in heels makes her task much more noteworthy and incredible than Keanu in his sensible Italian loafers in JOHN WICK 1 and 2.

ATOMIC BLONDE opens on July 28.

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