Exclusive Movie Clip: ‘AFTERMATH’ (Starring Anthony Michael Hall) – “The Interrogation”


aftermathPreston Barta // Features Editor

AFTERMATH | 84 min | Rated R
Director: Thomas Farone
Cast: Anthony Michael Hall, Chris Penn, Jamie Harrold, Tony Danza, Frank Whaley and Leo Burmester

Available on DVD and VOD today is AFTERMATH. The film tells the story of a successful developer (Anthony Michael Hall) who seems to have everything in order, only to find things have come to a screeching halt when his longtime foreman Matt (Jamie Harrold) and subcontractor Tony (Chris Penn in his final performance) start to compete for top position in the company. After Matt mysteriously goes missing and Tom gets fired, the tension rises and violence ensues.

Writer-director Thomas Farone’s suspenseful thriller began production back in 2005 and wrapped shortly before Penn died at age 40 in January 2006. After a long process of getting the film made, AFTERMATH is finally hitting the streets.

An exclusive clip titled “The Interrogation” has been made available to Fresh Fiction of the movie, which features Anthony Michael Hall, Jacinto Taras Riddick and Saul Stein. Watch it below.

AFTERMATH is available on DVD and VOD today.

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Feature Photo: Tony Danza and Chris Penn go head-to-head in AFTERMATH. Photo courtesy of Freestyle Releasing.

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