Fantastic Fest Interview: Nicolas Winding Refn & Liv Corfixen On ‘MY LIFE’ Doc, Love & ‘ONLY GOD FORGIVES’


Preston Barta // Critic

our rating: ☆☆☆½

our rating: ☆☆☆½

After DRIVE (2011), expectations were sky high for Nicolas Winding Refn’s next film. Even though the director laid it on thick that his follow-up, ONLY GOD FORGIVES (2013), was not going to be the next DRIVE, or anything remotely like it, Refn fans still held onto hope. And as it turned out, ONLY GOD FORGIVES was far from what anybody expected, dividing audiences and critics alike.

In his latest documentary titled MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN, directed by his wife (Liv Corfixen), we explore the director’s style, struggles, strengths and marriage, as he directs Ryan Gosling and his ONLY GOD FORGIVES cast.


Post-interview pose with Refn, wearing our DRIVE jacket.

MY LIFE was one of the strongest films on the Fantastic Fest bill, and we had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Refn and his wife. We discussed what makes love last through its ups and downs, the origins of the documentary, and film style.

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Our Interview:

0:06 | What makes love last
1:09 | The origins of the documentary
2:21 | Difference in story between DRIVE and ONLY GOD FORGIVES, justifying characters’ actions
4:18 | Critiquing others’ work in terms of style

MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN held its regional premiere at Fantastic Fest, but will be opening in limited release in Spring 2015.

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