‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer Provides Fifty Kinds of Smiles (or Does it?)


Preston Barta // Film Critic

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY | Opening Feb. 14, 2015 | Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson | Stars: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (rumored), Jennifer Ehle, Max Martini, Luke Grimes, Eloise MumfordDylan NealVictor Rasuk and Marcia Gay Harden

Universal Pictures gives us our first teasing-glimpse of Sam Taylor-Johnson’s forthcoming film adaptation of the incredibly popular E.L. James novel, in which a student journalist named Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) takes up an unconventional relationship with Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a wildly successful young entrepreneur with a dangerous taste for sadomasochism.

Below is the first teaser and our reactions (female and male perspective).

Trailer No. 1:

Female perspective:

Having read the books, I think it’s going to be a love-hate movie-going experience. When you’re reading the books you’re very into the situation, and watching this movie (based on the trailer) might be a little cringe-inducing at times (such as the pick for the guy to play Christian Grey). However, it does have its moments where it brought me back to the feelings I had when reading the novel. So color me excited, but not ‘super’ excited.

– Haley Barta

Male perspective:

While this movie doesn’t hit any new notes in terms of love story, I have to commend Universal for going with two leads who are not ‘models.’ The two leads (Johnson and Dornan) look like ordinary people.

Yes, like every guy, I rolled my eyes at this trailer. I’m not excited for this like I am, say, the next STAR WARS or AVENGERS, but I drag my wife to a lot of movies she doesn’t want to see. It’s her turn. Although, my interests would probably be a little higher if Charlie Hunnam (SONS OF ANARCHY) hadn’t dropped out, but then again, it was a smart career choice of him to pull out. I’ll see all you guys in line for this movie come Valentine’s Day…

– Preston Barta

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY opens Feb. 14, 2015.

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