First, true ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ trailer drops



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It seems as though they’ve been teasing us with new images and posters for several weeks now for the live-action fairy tale adaptation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Well, today this leads us to our first, true trailer, which can be seen below.

One of my biggest worries was the appearance of Beast himself, who is played by the ab-tastic charmer Dan Stevens (THE GUEST, DOWNTON ABBEY). Many jokes popped up on the internet after images of him surfaced, including “he looks like Krampus.” While it’s easy to judge something without having the emotions of a scene there to back it up, I believe Stevens is going to kill it as Beast.

The trailer recreates a lot of those iconic moments we remember from the original 1991 animated film: Gaston (Luke Evans) singing to the townspeople, Belle’s (Emma Watson) father (Kevin Kline) being captured, and – most notably – Beast and Belle’s dance in the ballroom.

While the trailer admittedly turned out better than I anticipated, seeing all these characters in hyper-realistic computer effects is going to take some getting used to. Something tells me, however, once we see the film in its full form – performances, music and all – Disney is going work their magic and capture the hearts of fans and new fans alike.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST open Mar. 17, 2017.

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