FRESH ON BLU RAY: RICK AND MORTY SEASON FIVE plays with the multiverse and your heartstrings


James Clay//Film Critic

RICK AND MORTY have become synonymous with edgy internet fandom that is toxic in some spaces. Some circles of the show’s fanbase seemed to absorb the ego of the titular Rick Sanchez, becoming galaxy-brained bros with a nonexistent ax to grind against softies and soy boys. 

The way creators Justin Roiland (voice of Rick and Morty) and Dan Harmon have worked around that in the show’s past two seasons has taken some leaps and divergences. It became clear they didn’t want to sacrifice the bite that gave the show its distinct voice and address the actions that (some) fans choose to celebrate in real-world behaviors. The point is that RICK AND MORTY season five has brought on some changes to the show’s moral compass, but when you have a solid writer’s room, change is good. 

Coming in at ten episodes that wallop the audience with one high concept genre riff after another, season five has some of the best episodes the series has ever structured. The season’s overarching theme is Rick’s vulnerability towards his grandson Morty and becoming more empathic towards his family. Harmon and Roiland have always hinted at these arcs, but character growth never seems like a possibility with animated shows. If the show’s creators continue this path, it will be one of the more radical approaches to animation in television history. 

Each episode is a random movie title with a mashup of the names of the titular characters. My favorite episodes were MORT DINNER RICK ANDRE that brought back the god of the ocean Nimbus for a dinner party. A RICKCONVENIENT MORT has Morty falling in love with an environmental superhero, and RICKTERNAL FRIENDSHINE OT, THE SPOTLESS MORT, is Rick recounting a special friendship in his life. 

Season five of RICK AND MORTY sets a tone for what is to come with a genuinely intriguing cliffhanger. This special season of the show shows that sometimes change can be hilarious. 

SPECIAL FEATURES: As I reviewed in my summation of the RICK AND MORTY SEASON 1-4 box set, the special features on these releases are fantastic. We get into the writer’s room that becomes infectious with silly energy and creativity. While behind the scenes looks at animation prove to be fascinating, the writers’ room is where the show finds gold. Any fan will be pleased with the number of special features and the depths Adult Swim was willing to go to show their audience how the show is made.

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RENT/BUY: This is a definite buy due to the show’s sheer rewatchability. While the show has a tone and storyline each season, somebody coming into the play cold can pop on a random episode and have a great time. RICK AND MORTY Season five comes with the standard packaging uniformed from previous releases, but a fantastic-looking steel book is also available. These things sell out quickly each time a new season drops, so act quickly the artwork looks fantastic. 


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