Fresh on DVD – ‘ARCHER: SEASON 7’ comes locked and loaded


Connor Bynum // Film Critic

TV-MA, appox. 218 minutes.
Creator: Adam Reed
Cast: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber NashChris ParnellAisha Tyler and Adam Reed

Archer and the gang are back at it again.

After the colossal failure to maintain their contract with the CIA, the world’s most dysfunctional spy agency has resorted to conducting private investigator work in the aptly named Figgis Agency. After shifting gears from drug dealing, contract espionage, to now private detective work, the series thankfully has not lost what made it great to begin with: the characters.

Sterling Archer (voiced by H. John Benjamin) is lovingly hateable as ever and struggles to maintain his relationship with fellow agent Lana Kayne (Aisha Tyler). Meanwhile, he does his best to resist his inexplicable attraction to aging Hollywood starlet, Veronica Dean (Mary McDonald-Lewis), in typical Archer fashion: poorly.

Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell) pathetically fumbles to maintain control of the new agency as he is the only one possessing an actual law degree and private investigator’s license, Cheryl (Judy Greer) continues to expand on her endearingly creepy sexual arousal from physical violence, and Pam (Amber Nash) somehow still finds new ways to be disgustingly hilarious. Malory (Jessica Walter) drinks her way through every morning while still showcasing moments of holding her own in the field. Krieger (Lucky Yates) manages to reach all new levels of disturbing, and Ray Gillette (Adam Reed) once again is left out of the opening credits despite becoming one of the funniest characters in the show.

Guest stars include Patton Oswalt, J.K. Simmons, Keegan-Michael Key, Dave Willis, Christian Slater, Ron Leibman and John O’Hurly.

Interestingly enough, FX has not listed a Blu-ray version for release alongside the DVD or in the foreseeable future. That said, here are the DVD Extras:

  • Archer Reviews Bond
  • Archer Live! Reading (Table Read from San Diego Comic Con)

SEASON 7 is able to accomplish a rare combination of storytelling, as it does a nice job building off of the world established in previous seasons while also successfully standing on its own with a unique arc. Here’s hoping that SEASON 8 will keep us coming (phrasing) back for more.

Grade: A-

ARCHER: SEASON 7 is now available on DVD.

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