Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson & Jennifer Aniston All Have Mommy Issues In ‘MOTHER’S DAY’

Julia Roberts & Jennifer Aniston in MOTHER'S DAY. Courtesy of Open Road.

Julia Roberts & Jennifer Aniston in MOTHER’S DAY. Courtesy of Open Road.

Courtney Howard // Film Critic

Our relationships with our mothers can sometimes be a complicated one. Other times, that bond is something effortless. In the grand tradition of Director Garry Marshall’s modern era films, his latest, MOTHER’S DAY, explores mother-daughter loving relationships in all forms through the help of a star-studded ensemble. Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, character actress Margo Martindale, Jason Sudeikis, Britt Robertson and Marshall stalwarts Julia Roberts and Hector Elizondo all star in this comedic celebration.

Take a look at the trailer below and get ready to have mommy issues!

If this goes the same way that VALENTINE’S DAY and NEW YEAR’S EVE, Marshall has once again engineered a film that your mother and grandmother will deem “delightful.” Critically both films were disasters, however, commercially, they did very well: NEW YEAR’S EVE was made for around $56 million and took in $142 mil worldwide. VALENTINE’S DAY was made for $52 million and took in around $218 worldwide.

So next time you turn to your date or friend in the theater and snicker, “oh god. WHY,” when this trailer plays, the reason is, “Because money.”

And if, by chance, you’re looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift, Marshall’s movie has a few suggestions by way of jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer (who is friends with Aniston and Hudson). For instance, the necklace Aniston sports in Meyer’s Curve Stick Necklace (buy here for $550) and Hudson’s earrings (from what I can tell) are Meyer’s Stick Earrings (buy here for $1350). I’m also pretty sure the studs Hudson is rocking in the still below are Meyer’s Yellow Gold Bar Studs (buy here for $225). There may be more of Meyer’s handiwork in this film, but I’m not the company spokesperson and this is just a pursuit spurned from my current obsession with the talented designer’s work.

MOTHER’S DAY opens on April 29.

Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson in MOTHER'S DAY. Courtesy of Open Road.

Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson in MOTHER’S DAY. Courtesy of Open Road.


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