Movie Review: ‘A Coup in Camelot’ A Riveting Doc On the JFK Assassination


Director: Stephen Goetsch
Writer: Art Van Kampen
Narrator: Peter Coyote
Featuring interviews with Sherry Fiester, Douglas Horne, Dr. David Mantik, Vince Palamara, Dick Russell, Barry Ernest and Jerry Dealey.

A COUP IN CAMELOT is a new, high-quality addition to the line of documentaries examining the assassination of John F. Kennedy. While the material is hardly new, this particular documentary digs deeper than ever before. Through archival footage, modern forensics and a panel of historians, researchers and physicians, audiences get great insight into the events leading up to and following the assassination.

Why did the Secret Service break from standard protocol? Why the lack of effort after Kennedy’s death? What was done with his body between Dallas Parkland and Bethesda? These questions join countless others still unanswered after half-a-century, including details of the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald, the autopsy and altered reports, a new analysis of the shot(s) that took place in Dallas on that 1963 afternoon and more.

President-John-F-KennedyLike most documentaries covering the JFK assassination, the filmmakers don’t expect every presented theory to be equally plausible. One of A COUP IN CAMELOT’s strengths is it explores all angles and ultimately leaves the viewers to believe what they want to believe. As with any good documentary, nothing is force-fed. Goetsch and Kampen calmly accumulate all the evidence gathered over the years and present it to the audience in a clear and orderly fashion.

A COUP IN CAMELOT contains great interviews, wonderful footage and top-notch editing and graphics. This documentary is a must-see for Kennedy enthusiasts.

A COUP IN CAMELOT is holding its Dallas premiere at The Texas Theatre on Sunday at 5 p.m. All information regarding the screening can be found at

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