#MummyMonday featurettes capture stunts and spectacle of THE MUMMY


Sofia Boutella is THE MUMMY. Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Courtney Howard // Film Critic

Each Monday until release, SyFy will be giving fans an exclusive look at THE MUMMY. Their latest featurette spotlights Tom Cruise showing off his insane stunt skills – because of course he would. Isn’t this the reason why he does movies like this?!

The first featurette gives us an exclusive look. Inside, the filmmakers and stars discuss the making of a modern monster movie in the grand tradition of those world renowned Universal monster movies :

The second short introduces us to the characters – who she was before the mele and after. Sofia Boutella plays Princess Ahmanet, the woman who later morphs into the titular, and very pissed off Mummy.

The third is what you came here for: to see Cruise be Cruise! A fight in zero gravity? Running on a collapsing rooftop? Being yanked in the air by wires? All in a day’s work for daredevil Cruise.

We’ve got 4 more week of #MummyMondays to go. What are YOU looking forward to seeing in the making of? Maybe the make-up and costume design? Maybe it will be a look at the production design? Perhaps it will be both! Time will tell. You can follow along at Syfy Wire to get the campaign directly in your eyeballs – but without our sparkling, witty commentary.

THE MUMMY opens on June 9.

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