Movie News: ‘THE LEGO MOVIE’ Directors Chris Miller & Phil Lord to Animate Spider-man


Lego-Movie-Spiderman-Wallpaper-800x450Cole Clay // Film Critic

At CinemaCon in Las Vegas the directors behind Hollywood’s most improbable successes 21 / 22 JUMP STREET and THE LEGO MOVIE are making an animated Spider-man movie that is due out July 20, 2018. This is some time from now and who know what will happen, but these guys are a sure fire bet for exceeding expectations. Not sure how it will fit within the Marvel’s plans for the world’s most popular web crawler, but right now long-time Spidey producers Amy Pascal and Avi Arad say it will exist outside of the live-action Spider-man universe.


Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Chris Miller and Phil Lord on the set of 22 JUMP STREET. Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

Word hasn’t been released yet on whether or not the duo will be directing the project, but their creative hand is enough to get butts in seats and of course the coveted critical approval. And not to mention the duo’s meta brand of humor is batting 1.000 for Sony thus far.

It doesn’t matter what these guys do, their energy translates through every medium they tackle, even red carpets (You can check out our interview with the guys here).

Here is a snippet of the press release, “On July 20, 2018, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – the directors of THE LEGO MOVIE, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, and 21 and 22 JUMP STREET – are taking Spider-Man back to his graphic roots with the first-of-its-kind animated Spider-Man feature, it was announced today at CinemaCon by Tom Rothman, chairman of the Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group. The film will exist independently of the projects in the live-action Spider-Man universe, all of which are continuing.”

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