Ryan Gosling’s “Cone of Shame” collar is the focal point on his ‘BLADE RUNNER 2049’ character poster


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Ryan Gosling is well known by cinephiles for making jackets look badass. That satin scorpion jacket he sported in DRIVE became a HUGE iconic piece that carried over from the screen to the fashion scene. Here’s your refresher:

Ooh, child! Hot damn.

At CinemaCon this year, promoting BLADE RUNNER 2049, Baby Goose sported my junior high jean jacket, but made it look way cooler in some people’s eyes.

Well, the marketing genius’ at Warner Brothers have figured out that one of the best things about our internet boyfriend is the way he works a jacket to its maximum potential, and they captured it effortlessly in the character poster for LAPD Officer K.

Hmmm. Wait a second. Does it remind you of something? Maybe this?

….or this?

Listen, all kidding aside, I’m positive Gosling’s new style, utilitarian, Yohji Yamamoto-inspired jacket will most likely crush our current fashion scene for Fall/ Winter 2017. Here’s a better look:

Ryan Gosling in BLADE RUNNER 2049. Courtesy of Warner Brothers.

Officer K’s jacket appears to be a well thought out spin on Deckard’s original iconic trench:

Harrison Ford in BLADE RUNNER. Courtesy of Warner Brothers.

In trench (coat) warfare, I think I have to give the edge to Gosling’s as it looks warmer, tougher and it’s abilities to withstand a harsher environment (perhaps a clue as to what we’re dealing with in the highly anticipated sequel) seems a little more durable than a thin trench.

Not to be outdone, Harrison Ford also got his own poster, where it appears Deckard no longer has use for his old trench.

These posters drop before the live Q&A with Gosling, Ford & director Denis Villeneuve on Monday May 8 at 9AM PT.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 opens on October 6.

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