Sabotage, Motorcycle Stunts Bolster The New ‘STAR TREK BEYOND’ Trailer



Courtney Howard // Film Critic

Remember when we were told STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS wasn’t gonna be about Khan and then it actually was about Khan? That’s probably the only thing I remember about that movie – that and the whole objectifying Alice Eve fiasco. That film also inspired many a spirited debate about whether or not it remained true to the franchise’s legacy. In fact, I think people are still debating this. Now with a new director at the helm (FAST AND FURIOUS franchise director Justin Lin), STAR TREK BEYOND is seemingly going beyond anything the fans could ever have anticipated or expected from the cinematic series.

Kirk: “Let’s never do that again.”

Me (quoting THE SIMPSONS): “And we never did….”

The use of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” is an irony not lost on many of us. Also, I’d just like to point out this falls under the umbrella of one of my cinematic pet peeves: self-congratulatory dialogue, having Pegg say, ‘Well played’ to the music choice to score a betrayal.

With all the crazy stuff that happens here, this resembles a FAST AND FURIOUS movie more than a STAR TREK one. But maybe it’s time to shake things up, no? Alls I know is I loves me some Karl Urban as “Bones” and it looks like this won’t be disappointing me.

STAR TREK BEYOND opens on July 22, 2016.

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