Sadness + Ennui + Anger = Marriage in Angelina Jolie Pitt’s ‘BY THE SEA’ Trailer


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In the grand tradition of such melodramatic classics about marital malaise comes director Angelina Jolie Pitt’s BY THE SEA. The beautifully rendered emotional drama tells the tale of one couple (played by Jolie Pitt and real-life husband Brad Pitt) in the 1970’s whose marriage hits the skids on the French Riviera. The film also stars Mélanie Laurent, Melvil Poupaud, Niels Arestrup and Richard Bohringer. 

This second trailer is no less amazing than the first. Set to Gabriel Yared’s “24 Preludes. Op.28: No. 4 In E Minor” and swelling into something far more over-the-top and glorious, the trailer touts beauty juxtaposed with the ugliness of this couple’s fights.

Seriously, what did Angie see through that peep hole?! Take your best guesses below! Somebody (the internet genius’) should cut together a fake trailer with her looking through that people, seeing crazy, bonkers things next door. Mashing it up with clips from like a terrible movie, cutting back to the real trailer of her crying.

Here’s the official synopsis:

BY THE SEA follows an American writer named Roland (Pitt) and his wife, Vanessa (Jolie Pitt), who arrive in a tranquil and picturesque seaside resort in 1970s France, their marriage in apparent crisis.  As they spend time with fellow travelers, including young newlyweds Lea (Laurent) and François (Poupaud), and village locals Michel (Arestrup) and Patrice (Bohringer), the couple begins to come to terms with unresolved issues in their own lives.

In its style, and its treatment of themes of the human experience, BY THE SEA is inspired by European cinema and theater of the ’60s and ’70s.

BY THE SEA premieres at AFI Fest on November 5 and opens on November 13.

Brad Pitt smokes in BY THE SEA. Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Brad Pitt smokes in BY THE SEA. Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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