Soap Chats: How Heather Tom Learned to Be a Better Actor


Interview by Gwen Reyes. Originally published by FYI Televsion

Heather Tom (Katie Logan) started directing episodes of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL a few years ago after deciding she needed to try out different areas in filmmaking. Always in front of the screen, the actress knew deep down there was something to learn from being a crew member in addition to being the face of the CBS soap.

“I think as an actor you feel like you know what’s going on, but you don’t,” says Tom. “So when you are suddenly a part of the crew – which I have been honored to be – you really go, ‘wow, these people work really, really hard and they’re super talented.’”

Katie Logan has long been a huge part of Tom’s identity, but now she prides herself on doubling up on her professional entertainment experience. She can span two different worlds: that of the actor and of the crew. After stepping down from the director’s chair she recognizes the talent involved with post-production and how the crew members can take a lump of coal and turn it into diamonds for viewers.

“It’s been hugely eye-opening,” adds Tom, “to see how our editors really can change the whole tone of the show or the pace of the show. I have a crazy respect for everyone who is at every place.

Tom is quick to praise her time in the editing booth as the perfect training ground for conscientious performing. She works with her co-stars every time a cut is called to remind them not to move, since it will mean trouble for the editors and possibly the final product for the viewers.

“The editing bay has been as informative as shadowing [our directors and producers],” mentions Tom. “It’s such a nightmare to [fix a mistake]. It matters if I move and don’t match myself. And the other part is working with a director. We’re moving so fast, but sometimes we feel like ‘oh, it’s fine. It’s okay.’ But, come on, let’s go. It definitely truncates the amount of goofing around I do now.”

Acting and directing are her current passions, but Tom is already looking toward her next goal: producing and writing a feature film.

“I think directing naturally lends itself to producing and writing for that matter,” says Tom. “I’m working on a script. Everyone in Hollywood is working on a script, but I’m working on one now for Lifetime. So we’ll see how that goes.”

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