‘STAR TREK BEYOND’ trailer goes beyond fan’s expectations



Courtney Howard // Film Critic

When the first trailer for STAR TREK BEYOND appeared online earlier this year, the internets voiced their opinions loudly. They did not like it one bit. Not only did it not look like a film out of the STAR TREK franchise universe, but it looked like a bombastic FAST & FURIOUS movie (courtesy of F&F franchise director Justin Lin). With the film’s second trailer, the studio has listened to the outcry and delivered something much more akin to fan’s expectations.

While I’m one to admit this is a far better cut trailer to the first one, the film still leaves me with a numb feeling. I;m not going to start pre-judging but I’m not totally sure what we’re gonna get with the movie as a whole; Idris Elba — anyone’s secret/ not-so-secret weapon is hidden under a shedload of prosthetics, playing the baddie. Sofia Boutella is a total badass, but her light feels diminished under all that makeup as well. And I’m still not seeing any story emerge that genuinely grabs me.

What say you?

STAR TREK BEYOND opens on July 22.


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