The 37 Songs Featured in ‘CRUELLA’ and the Stories Behind 2 of the Tracks


Courtney Howard // Film Critic

The soundtrack for CRUELLA may now be available for download. However, it doesn’t contain all the songs brilliantly showcased in the live-action spin-off. While only 15 tracks grace the official soundtrack release (out now), there’s actually a whopping 37 songs featured in the picture that audibly plugs us into the titular anti-hero’s wonderfully wicked revelry.

Though the deliciously devilish villainess’ origin story isn’t a musical, it’s as music driven as a Scorsese mobster movie. At the film’s recent virtual press conference, director Craig Gillespie said he pushed for the film to be a music-forward experience.

“I actually designed the movie knowing we’re gonna have music. You have to design shots that give space for music. Very often on the set, I’ll be putting music. I cut on the set as I go, so I’ll be putting music on the scenes as we’re shooting them. There’s always music in my mind as we’re going through it and looking for opportunities throughout.”

Gillespie cited examples of the tracks he integrated into the picture early on.

“That Doors track [“Five To One”], when we first meet the Baroness, I threw on the day that we were shooting it and it never changed.”

Star Emma Stone was able to roll with improvised selections, particularly in a scene set in British department story Liberty when she exists the elevator late one night after having downed some stolen booze from her bosses cabinet. Gillespie sprung a well-known female empowerment anthem on her to sing. He said,

“There’s a great Nancy Sinatra song [“These Boots Are Made For Walkin’”], which was kinda spontaneous when we were shooting. We did four takes and then I thought, “Feel like you’d be singing here, maybe. A song!” I just went to my phone. I’m like, “How about Nancy Sinatra’s “Boots Made for Walking?” And she came out dancing to that.”

In addition to the aforementioned songs, other needle drops include the following:

 “Bloody Well Right” Performed by Supertramp

“I Am Woman” Written by Ray Burton, Helen Reddy

“Whisper Whisper” Performed by Bee Gees Courtesy of Barry Gibb

“Inside – Looking Out” Performed by The Animals

“Watch The Dog That Brings The Bone” Performed by Sandy Gaye

“She’s A Rainbow” Performed by The Rolling Stones

“I Gotcha” Performed by Joe Tex

“Time of the Season” Performed by The Zombies

“Feeling Good” Performed by Nina Simone

“Fire” Performed by Ohio Players

“Whole Lotta Love” Performed by Ike & Tina Turner

“The Wild One”  Performed by Suzi Quatro

“Hush” Performed by Deep Purple

“Livin’ Thing” Performed by Electric Light Orchestra

“Stone Cold Crazy” Performed by Queen

“Car Wash” Performed by Rose Royce

“Boys Keep Swinging” Performed by David Bowie

“One Way Or Another” Performed by Blondie

“I Get Ideas (When We Are Dancing)” Performed by Tony Martin

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go” Performed by The Clash

“I Love Paris” Performed by Georgia Gibbs, Glenn Osser & His Orchestra

“Love Is Like A Violin” Performed by Ken Dodd

“Theme From “A Summer Place” Performed by Norrie Paramour And His Orchestra

“Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” Performed by Doris Day

“You’re Such A Good Looking Woman” Performed by Joe Dolan

“I Wanna Be Your Dog” Performed by John McCrea

“Smile” Performed by Judy Garland

“Nightmares” Performed by The J. Geils Band

“Gettin’ Out” Performed by The J. Geils Band

“Eternelle” Performed by Brigitte Fontaine

“Come Together” Performed by Ike & Tina Turner

“The Wizard” Performed by Black Sabbath

“Sympathy For The Devil” Performed by The Rolling Stones

“Call Me Cruella” Performed by Florence + The Machine

“Cruella De Vil” Written by Mel Leven

CRUELLA debuts in theatres and on Disney+ with Premier Access starting May 28th.

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