THE CHOICE Trailer Makes Us Swoon Over One Feisty Love Affair & Lots Of Puppies


Courtney Howard // Film Critic

If there’s one thing people go nuts for over in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, it’s a good Nicholas Sparks movie. THE CHOICE offers up some sweet pickins to swoon over a variety of the following: (young Liam Neeson doppelganger) Benjamin Walker shirtless, a feisty Teresa Palmer and puppies…. oh so many cute puppies.

Guys! There’s also a scene in a rowboat because of course there’s ALWAYS a scene in a rowboat in a Nicholas Sparks movie!

Travis Shaw (Ben Walker) and Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) in THE CHOICE. Photo Credit: Dana Hawley

Travis Shaw (Ben Walker) and Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) in THE CHOICE. Photo Credit: Dana Hawley

Here’s the official synopsis:

When feisty medical student Gabby Holland moves in next door to perennial ladies’ man Travis Shaw, it sends them both on a romantic journey neither ever dreamed possible. Travis has always believed a serious relationship with a woman would cramp his easygoing lifestyle, while Gabby is all set to settle down her long-term boyfriend-until an irresistible attraction between the unlikely couple upends both of their well-planned lives. After a whirlwind courtship, Gabby and Travis wed and build a family together, making every decision hand-in-hand until one of them is forced to make the most important choice of their life alone. A poignant and life-affirming celebration of love, marriage and family that explores the most heart-wrenching question of all: how far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?

THE CHOICE opens on February 5.

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