TV: Destination America Ups The Ghost Hunting Game with ‘Paranormal Lockdown’



Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman from Paranormal Lockdown - Outside Location

Big announcements were made today during the Discovery Channel portion of the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Yes, TLC is doing a new dating show for single dads called SINGLE DAD SEEKING and Investigation Discovery has a partnership with NBC for a docuseries about American racism (HATE IN AMERICA, Sunday, February 28th). But what I’m here for is the quiet mention that Destination America, home to the greatness that is the addictive hillbillies-hunting-ghosts series GHOST ASYLUM, is bringing to their airwaves a new paranormal investigation reality show called PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN.

For 72 hours hosts Nick Groff (GHOST ADVENTURES) and Katrina Weidman (PARANORMAL STATE) will lock themselves in some of America’s spookiest abandoned locations in the hopes of finding their paths crossed with ghosts. They believe that by extending their stay beyond a few hours that they will open themselves to more ghost encounters than TV has seen before.

According to a press release from Destination America:

“As valued fixtures of the paranormal community, Nick and Katrina have years of thrilling investigation under their belts and join the Destination America family with huge support from their fans,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America. “Overnight explorations are a staple of ghost hunting, but PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN supersizes the suspense in a round-the-clock, multi-day investigation that has never been conducted before on a paranormal TV series.”

“Living with the dead was a whole new experience for me and Katrina, giving us the opportunity to  document some incredibly enticing evidence about the afterlife that we can’t wait to reveal to PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN’s viewers,” said host and executive producer Nick Groff.

For Destination America, Groff previously executive produced GHOST STALKERS in 2014 and appeared in EXORCISM: LIVE! this past Halloween to share his experience investigating the original Exorcist house. PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN will mark Groff’s debut as host of a Destination America original series.

Now, I absolutely love ghosts shows, so I might be a little biased. But the fact that Destination America has GHOST ASYLUM, PARANORMAL SURVIVOR, and now PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN might suggest that I’m not the only one with a insatiable thirst for these shows.

The six-episode first season of PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN premieres Friday, March 4th on Destination America.


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