[Video Interview] ‘WEREWOLVES WITHIN’ cast & director unleash a horror whodunnit with some serious comedic bite


Preston Barta // Features Editor

Ever know one of those people who can quote movies like it’s a second language—maybe even a first? Perhaps you’re one of them yourself. (This writer slowly raises his hand.) If you’re looking for some new cinematic word ammo, watch Josh Ruben’s hilarious and thrilling horror-comedy Werewolves Within stat! 

In the IFC Films released title, some bloody shenanigans ensue when a massive blizzard snows in a small Vermont town. This is the kind of town that feels plucked right out of Fargo, with some amplified Looney Tunes games and an Agatha Christie-like mystery thrown in for good measure. Tensions come to a boil when the oddball townspeople start getting picked off one by one by a vicious creature. 

Fresh Fiction had the opportunity to talk with Werewolves Within director Josh Ruben (Scare Me) and actors Harvey Guillén (What We Do in the Shadows series), Michaela Watkins (The Unicorn series) and Michael Chernus (Orange is the New Black series) about their sidesplitting whodunnit. We discuss the film’s quotability, the difficulties in navigating the tonal balance, and how a connection between Jason Goes to Hell and Ace the Base’s “The Sign” may have led to a banger soundtrack.

Enjoy the video interviews below, and catch the film in select theaters or anywhere you rent movies online!

Our interview with actor Harvey Guillén:

Our interview with actors Michaela Watkins and Michael Chernus:

Our interview with director Josh Ruben:

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