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Courtney Howard // Film Critic

There is no greater “be all/ end all” film for me this year than writer-director Damien Chazelle’s LA LA LAND. The hyper-stylized musical is a lover letter to Los Angeles and like an arrow straight to my heart. Starring our boyfriend Baby Goose (a.k.a. Ryan Gosling) and Emma Stone, the film tells of the romance between a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress (you can take a stab at who plays which role).

The GORGEOUS teaser, featuring the song “City of Stars” (which is now available for download at iTunes), was released today and we blissed the absolute f*ck out on it. Take a look/ listen below:

We. Are. Dead.

But before we died, we screengrabbed a handful of shots from this beauty because, well, we knew this is what every human being should want in their life right now. All below are courtesy, of course, of Summit Entertainment – a studio who should be applauded for distributing what’s sure to be an awards contender.

The trailer hits many high notes. Particularly with these shots:

Emma movie theater

BG movie theater

BG and E silhoette BG and E date c

It’s easy to see the insane chemistry Stone and Gosling have cultivated since starring in CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE and GANGSTER SQUAD. LA LA LAND will drip with it.

BG and E date BG and E date b BG and E bed BG and E kiss

They also have a staring contest. This might be where the film loses momentum (Just kidding!I’m riveted.)

BG and E staring contest

Judging purely on the amount of screengrabs we got, the film looks like it could be heavy on Stone’s character’s perspective. Looks like we’ll get to see all the colors of her rainbow (#NotAEuphamism).

Emma a Emma b Emma c establishing Emma d Emma f Emma g Emma h

The way Baby Goose gazes upon her is how every woman/ man/ child/ dog/ cat would like to be looked at in their lifetime. Heck, his entire role could be just these reaction shots and I’d be happy.

BG movie theater Baby Goose d Baby Goose b Baby Goose a

He also smolders and sings at the piano…

Baby Goose spotlight Baby Goose at piano

…plays with John Legend (oh hai!)…

oh hai John Legend

… and whistles on a pier.

Baby Goose c establishing


There will be some epic musical sequences – including a “singing into hairbrushes” scene, space dance number and one that looks inspired by Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers.

Emma musical number Emma musical number b BG and E silhoette BG and E dance number

Clearly we are smitten kittens over this film and can’t wait to see it when it hits theaters December 2.

LA LA poster

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