Your Guide To ‘ZOOTOPIA”s Pun-ny Movie Posters


Courtney Howard // Film Critic

Disney’s ZOOTOPIA is debuting next year, but to celebrate the end of 2015, they have put out their best of the year movie list – replete with pun-tastic movie posters.  Take a look below. You’ll know exactly what human films they are goofing on – at least we hope you do.





I’m happy to hear how well EX YAKINA did in ZOOTOPIA. Sounds like better than the human version.


Funny. I would have pegged this at #2 as who doesn’t love giraffes?!


Yes, people gobbled this up like a bunch of lemmings. Very funny.

Here’s the rest of the list:


For more fun, including a list of their chart topping music hits, visit their tumblr account here.

ZOOTOPIA opens on March 4.

ZOOTOPIA real poster

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