‘STEVE JOBS’ Poster Touts Clean Design And A Pensive, Troubled Genius


Courtney Howard// Film Critic

Coming as no surprise to anyone, Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS wasn’t exactly the Steve Jobs biopic that shook the Earth in the same way as titular figurehead of Apple. However, director Danny Boyle’s STEVE JOBS looks like it’ll be the definitive intimate cinematic portrait of the company’s troubled genius.  He wasn’t an engineer. He wasn’t a designer. He also wasn’t “World’s Best Father.” But he was a damn good showman/ salesman. Michael “Fassy” Fassbender brings the icon to life in the film that makes its debut at the 53rd Annual New York Film Festival on October 3.

The biopic’s new poster has officially debuted online. It touts a simple, clean, elegant black & white interface with the title character relegated to the bottom corner, clad in his uniform of a black turtleneck and jeans, caught in a pensive pose. I bet we get to see the tale as to how he came upon his superhero costume in this origin story of sorts.


STEVE JOBS opens on October 9.

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