Time to rejoice: Brie Larson is our Captain Marvel!



Courtney Howard // Film Critic

DC may have pulled off a spectacular show this morning at San Diego Comic Con, but Marvel isn’t about to rest on their laurels. Late this afternoon, they released a slew of information that will have nerds chattering for the rest of con – especially this next part.

You know her. You love her. Oscar winning Brie Larson (ROOM) has nabbed the titular role in Marvel’s first female superhero movie, CAPTAIN MARVEL. We couldn’t be happier to see her play Carol Danvers. She’ll most likely be donning a jumpsuit and most assuredly be kicking a ton of ass.

In the meantime, you should catch up with her previous films to witness her dynamic range in everything from her comedic timing in 21 JUMP STREET, to her star-making turn in SHORT TERM 12, to her tour-de-force in ROOM, to her younger years, playing a race car driver  in DCOM’s RIGHT ON TRACK. Or maybe, you’d rather deep dive into her pop star past:

While we don’t know much else to do with the plot, cast, writers or director attached (lets hope a female director will be slated to helm) to CAPTAIN MARVEL, the lead role going to such a lovely, wonderful and humble talent like Larson makes me excited to hear more.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is slated for March 8, 2019. Maybe if we all ask nicely, we can see it sooner? Eh. It was worth a try. 

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