Watch ‘JACKIE’ teaser & bliss out on director Pablo Larraín’s Terrence Malick-y vibesssssss


Courtney Howard // Film Critic

Holy. Crap. [goosebumps appear]

These are the words I uttered – the deep insight of a professional film critic – and my physical reaction when I watched the teaser to director Pablo Larraín’s JACKIE. Coming off of strong acclaim as the darling of TIFF, Fox Searchlight scooped it up – and thank God as this looks like a cinephiles’ jam.

Many people are obsessed with the Kennedy’s – specifically Jackie (played here by Natalie Portman) – and it’s no wonder why as she represents the words “glamour, elegance and poise.” But what was the worst day of her life like? What did she feel when she was on this stratospheric rise? This film looks like it will show us on an emotional level. And we can’t help but see Terrence Malick’s fingerprints on Larrain’s vision.

JACKIE opens in select theaters on December 2.

JACKIE poster

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